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Ms. Khushbu Sejpal

A woman will always remain a girl inside no matter what age she attains and it’s every girl’s desire to look the best among all. She loves to be appearing enticingly attractive and she feels wonderful when appreciated and especially when it is a comment on how well she has groomed herself. We at Peach Glow, The Beauty Studio are always more than happy, if we could be part of her efforts where she is adored. We love to make every girl look like a princess she always dreams to be.

Peach Glow, The Beauty Studio is a symbol of the utmost passion of an artist who profess, every woman is as gorgeous as she believes herself to be. Her love and admiration for enhancing the beauty of each woman who cares to look dazzling like a diva has culminated into Peach Glow, The Beauty Studio. She is none other than Ms. Khushbu Sejpal.

Ms. Khushbu Sejpal has an extensive experience in bridal make ups, portfolio make ups, and much more. She fell in love with beauty make ups at a very tender age, when she was barely 8 years old. All credit goes to her mother – Ms. Lataben Sanghani who was very keen of beauty make ups, hence set up her own beauty parlour named after her daughter Khushbu which she operated from home. Khushbu Beauty Parlour still continues its legacy and Ms. Khushbu Sejpal is taking it to further heights through Peach Glow, The Beauty Studio.

Ms. Khushbu Sejpal though was involved with her mother in maiden years and later as independent artist, with a craving to improve skills and to learn new techniques undergone training from Ms. Nirali Mheak of ‘The Glam House’, Mumbai.